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Our first Cassette Compilation from the good people at Lolipop Records! 31 Artists Handpicked by Dirty Laundry!

All Your Favorites! Plus New Songs From:

The Abigails, Adult Books, Audacity, Beach Day, Big Black Cloud, The Blank Tapes, The Coathangers, Corey (from Terry Malts), Diarrhea Planet, Death Hymn Number 9, EFG, Eternal Summers, Free Energy, Icarus Line, JEFF The Brotherhood, The Lovely Bad Things, The Orwells, Potty Mouth, Radical Dads, Shark? The So So Glos, So Many Wizards, The Sundelles, Surf Curse, Surfer Blood, Speedy Ortiz, Tashaki Miyaki, Terry Malts, Twin Steps, Wax Idols and White Dove

Track List

Side A
1. Mallrats (La La La) - The Orwells
2. Creature Out - Radical Dads
3. Hear or Anywhere - The Lovely Bad Things
4. Game Of Pricks (Guided By Voices Cover) - Shark?
5. Bedsit Infamies - Adult Books
6. Silver Spring - Speedy Ortiz
7. Mall Dreams (Unreleased Version) - Terry Malts
8. The Re-Arranger - Twin Steps
9. Swamp $'s - Death Hymn Number 9
10. Can't Win - The Sundelles
11. Cold Rush - Audacity
12. Sleep Talk - Potty Mouth
13. Pile Of Shit - Big Black Cloud
14. Hey Sandy (Polaris Cover) - Surfer Blood
15. Night Chills - So Many Wizards

Side B
16. Hurricane - The Coathangers
17. Cool Out - JEFF The Brotherhood
18. Pure Affection - Eternal Summers
19. House Of Glass - The So So Glos
20. Dead Boys (Can't Say No) - Wax Idols
21. Separations - Diarrhea Planet
22. Lovesign (B-Side) - Free Energy
23. Understand Your Man (Johnny Cash Cover) - The Abigails
24. Love Is Strange (Mickey & Sylvia Cover) - Beach Day
25. Salem Slims (Live At Oxford Academy, '02) - The Icarus Line
26. Tonight - Tashaki Miyaki
27. Mister Mister - The Blank Tapes
28. Singing Bridges (Demo) - EFG
29. Dust On The Water - White Dove
30. Reality Bites - Surf Curse
31. Out Of Limits - Corey (from Terry Malts)